Oral Abscess

What is Oral Abscess?

Abscess – a limited accumulation of pus in the tissues that occurs during inflammation.

Causes of Oral Abscess

In the maxillofacial region, an abscess is usually the result of a complicated dental disease. It can also be caused by a boil, sore throat, damage to the skin or mucous membrane of the oral cavity, introduction of bacteria into the tissue with a syringe during anesthesia, etc. An abscess can also result from the introduction of an infection by blood or lymph in common infectious diseases (influenza, etc.).

Symptoms of Oral Abscess

Usually the abscess is preceded by a toothache characteristic of periodontitis. It appears in the area of ​​a particular tooth, biting which causes increased pain. Soon, soft tissue swelling and thickening, painful when touched, appears. If an abscess develops under the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, during the examination its swelling and redness can be seen. When the abscess is located closer to the skin (face and submandibular region), the picture is similar. The progression of a purulent process is accompanied by a deterioration of the general condition, an increase in body temperature, a disturbance of appetite, sleep. In order to remove the source of infection in a patient’s tooth, and most importantly, to prevent its spread to the surrounding tissue and area, an operative opening of the abscess by a doctor is necessary. Otherwise, the possibility of a limited inflammation spreading into a phlegmon cannot be excluded.

The development of an abscess can lead to a breakthrough of pus out or into the oral cavity. Outflow of pus relieves acute phenomena, pain subsides or disappears, normal contours of the face or oral mucosa are restored, and general well-being is stabilized. Such an outcome should not reassure, as the process continues, but already in the chronic stage. In the future, it can worsen, and this is a purulent discharge from the fistulous course with an unpleasant smell from the mouth, and sensitization of the organism with toxic decomposition products.

Oral Abscess Treatment

The speed of development of the process gives reason to strongly recommend not to delay appeals to the dentist. Prior to this, as an alleviating measure, it is possible to use painkillers, a warm mouth rinse, a thermal bandage. Taking antibiotics and other strong drugs without prescription is not recommended. Below are the features of the recognition process, depending on the place of its origin and the most frequent localization.