Nowadays sport is not a luxury or an occupation for those who have a lot of time, but a way to maintain their health is normal. Everything is interconnected in our body. And physical activity is needed not only for a beautiful appearance. It affects our metabolism, the state of the heart, blood vessels, joints, ligaments, muscles, etc. The Pilates system has been tested for many years and the experience of tens of thousands of people.

In our country this system of exercises is known not so long ago. But she has more than a century! The developer is Joseph Hubert Pilates, who was born in the distant 1880s. The system of exercises, he began to develop at 14 years, to defeat their numerous diseases. In the United States, he moved to his permanent residence in 1926, where his system became very widespread. Further, the Pilates system began to spread in other countries of the world.

What is Pilates

Exercises in this system should be done in a measured, slow, no jerk. This approach gives a big plus: you are unlikely to get injured, performing all movements without jerks. The goal of the exercises is to have you feel all the muscles and gain control over your body.

The majority of Pilates exercises are aimed at the development of mobility, flexibility and strengthening of abdominal muscles (transverse and straight). During the execution of each exercise, you need to breathe correctly, without holding your breath. All movements must be meaningful. Training in the Pilates system, you do not increase muscle, but bring them into tone and lose weight.

Pilates is a system that allows you to “include” those muscles that you did not know about. Choose the right coach, and you will achieve your goals, while improving the body.

Who is the Pilates complex

This set of exercises is suitable for women and men, girls and boys. There are no age limits, both physical fitness is unimportant. Pilates will solve such problems:

  • stress
  • back pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • spine trauma
  • neurological headaches
  • recovery from severe injuries
  • obesity

Pregnant women can also practice Pilates. The system will help to tone the muscles of the pelvis, abdomen, back, so that after birth, restore the old figure in a short time.

Pilates effect:

  • getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts
  • rejuvenation of the body as a whole
  • a surge of energy, a desire to act
  • absence of drowsiness during the day (with regular lessons of at least 8 months)

Practitioners say that Pilates affects brain function and memory status.

Advantages of Pilates

Pilates uses a comprehensive approach. That is, you do not train your legs separately, separately your neck and separately your hands. In one exercise, a lot of muscles are involved. The movements in Pilates complement each other, require mental concentration. This teaches you to direct your thoughts in the right direction, and not to be dispersed, even in everyday life.

Pilates classes do not require large physical investments. You are comfortable with clothes and a bottle of water. Balls are provided in the very center where you are engaged. If you decide to study on video, some equipment for Pilates will have to be purchased. As for the sports form, you should have comfortable clothes, nothing unique.

How to practice Pilates

First of all, you must read what the Pilates system is. It is best to go to at least a couple of introductory lessons to an experienced coach. Otherwise, you can choose videos with non-professionals, and do not stick to the correct technique of exercises, which will affect their effect. The technique of Pilates for weight loss can not be considered simple.

It is important to monitor your breathing every second of your workout. You need to breathe with your chest, opening the ribs, and when exhaling you need to contract the muscles of the press. Every movement should, as it were, go from the press. If you feel discomfort, squeezing or cramps in the muscle, change your posture or relax. Shoulders in most exercises should not be raised, as this is reflected to a large extent on breathing. When the shoulders are lowered, the thorax opens wide.

Head in all exercises do not throw back, and do not lower your chin. The head should be kept straight, but without spasmodic tension. Make sure that the spine is stretched, this affects the flexibility. Other recommendations can be obtained from the coach during the session. Then you can do exercises at home under video.

Weight Loss With Pilates

On weight loss are focused exercises of 3 types: on simulators, on the floor, with special equipment. They train without shoes. Choose calm music that sets you up for activity, but not distracting.

Exercise “Boat”

You need to sit on the floor, bend your knees, hips to clasp your upper limbs. The feet are pressed to the floor, the legs are on the width of your pelvis. Pulling up the crown, back while straightening. Tear off the feet from the floor, raise the ankles parallel to the ground. We stay in this position for 3-4 seconds, follow the breath, it should be smooth, without delays. Deeply inhale, on exhalation we drag the abdominal muscles to the spine, while the vertebral column is rounded. We take the next breath, while straightening our back. We repeat the algorithm.

Exercise “Kankan”

Starting position: sitting on the floor. The legs are bent at the knees. We rely on forearms, elbows are strictly under the shoulders. The socks of the lower extremities touch the ground a little, and the legs are compressed. we draw in the belly, taking a deep breath, along with it we turn to the right knees. On exhalation we straighten our legs, lifting them diagonally to the body. On the next breath, you need to return the body to its original position. The same is repeated for the left side, and then again for the right. On each side we repeat several times.

Exercise “Crisscross”

Initially, we lay down on our backs. Legs bend and rise so that the ankles are parallel to the ground. We stretch our elbows on the sides, holding our hands. The back should be pressed to the rug, and the stomach is retracted. We inhale and tear off the head from the floor together with the shoulder blades. Then exhale, during which we straighten the right leg so that it is at an angle of 45 ° to the floor. Trough in the lower back. We turn the whole body to the left. Then follows the breath, together with which we return the case back, the blades do not fall. On the next breath, we repeat the same movements, but on the second side.

Exercise “Pose Planki”

You need to get on all fours, leaning on your forearms. Make sure that the elbows are directly under the shoulders. Our knees are on the line of the thighs. Legs straighten and straighten back, put on the toe. Make sure that your feet are pressed against each other. The body is straightened completely. When it forms a line, this is the bar. We do this breath in this position. On a deep exhalation, we raise our hips and lower our head, turning into the so-called dolphin posture. Then we breathe in and return the body to its original position.

Exercise “Mach foot”

We stand on our hands and feet (all fours), straighten our hands, the brushes are on the same line with the shoulders. The legs are on the same line as the hips. First left, and then right leg straighten (not abruptly), take it back and put it on the toe. The balance is held with the help of the toes, sensing the weight of the body on them. The feet are pressed against each other.

Lower the hips so that the body forms a straight line. We take a breath and, with it, raise the leg, exhale and lower the leg. We perform the exercise 3-4 times, replacing the left and right legs.

Exercise “The Mermaid”

We bend our legs in the lap, sit on the right thigh so that we feel comfortable. The right upper limb is placed in the floor, the elbow is straightened, the hand is 10-15 cm from the body, but no more. Place your left hand on the left knee with your palm. We inhale and push off with the right upper arm, along with it lifting the hips. The left hand in the same movement stretches upwards, to the ceiling. The pose resembles the shape of the letter T. We exhale and gradually return to the original position. We take a breath, exercise on the other side. Repeat several times for each side.

Exercise “Peak”

We lay on the ball, slowly hold our hands on the floor forward, so that the ball is localized under the ankles. We keep the body parallel to the ground, the palms under the shoulders. We nurse our stomach and breathe in deeply. We exhale and raise with it the pelvis (the legs remain straight), rolling the ball in the direction of the hands. Then follows the inspiration and repetition of the algorithm described above.

Exercise “Scissor Turns”

We lay on the back, the ball is held between the legs. Hands are on the sides at shoulder level, hands pointing down. Knees bend at right angles, we raise the ball, squeezing it with our feet. Then follows the inhalation, and on exhalation we lower the legs with the ball to the right, while the blades lie clearly on the floor. With the next breath of air, we return back. On exhalation we repeat the algorithm for the second side.

Exercise “Back stretching”

Sit down on the ball, legs are placed as wide as possible and stretch to the ground with your hands. The muscles of the shoulders, neck and back should be absolutely tension free. Breathe smoothly, without delay, slowly.

Exercise “Stretching the Press”

Starting position: walking on the ball. Go forward in small steps, along with it we deviate back and lay down the loin on the ball. Head and shoulder blades should lie on it, hands are divorced on two sides from the body. The head, pelvis and back muscles should fit into the ball. The waist and abdominal muscles should not be strained. Stretch out stretch.

Contraindications for Pilates

Pilates can do everything. If you have doubts related to advanced age, heart condition, serious illness, consult a doctor. But remember that the doctor must understand what the Pilates system is, and do not put it on the same level as other physical exercise systems. After all, we have already considered earlier than the Pilates system is significantly different from the same aerobics or shaping, which can not be done by everyone.

Do not hold your breath while exercising. So you burn more pounds faster, because the body will get enough oxygen. Exercises can not be done inconsistently and with the wrong technique, otherwise you risk harming yourself. Every moment of technology is essential, even if you do not think so. Do not jerk or jerk positively. If during the lesson you feel bad, tell the coach immediately. If you are training at home, and you feel unwell, call for help and call for an ambulance.

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