How to lose weight

To determine if you are overweight, you need to use specially derived formulas for calculations. After all, excess weight is not obesity. But in any case superfluous killogramy is fraught with psychological and physical problems. Therefore, you need to think about their reasons to effectively bring the weight back to normal.

The abbreviation of the mass index is BMT, which stands for Body Mass Index. For calculations, the weight and height are used to find out what your body weight is: normal, inadequate or excess. The formula was found back in 1869 by Adolf Quetelet, a sociologist and statistician from Belgium. These calculations are considered the most relevant for today.

Calculation formula: I = M / H * H

In it, M is the weight (kg), H is the height (m).

For example, you weigh 69 kg, and height 1 meter 59 cm. The index is calculated thus: 69 kg / 1.59 * 1.59 = 27.3.

BMT – Value (norm or deviation from the norm)
16 or less – Significant weight deficit
16-18.5 – Insignificant mass deficit
18.5-25 – Optimal weight
25-30 – Excess body weight
30-35 – Obesity of the 1st degree
40 and more – Obesity of the 2nd degree

Causes of excess weight

All causes are conditionally divided into 2 groups: physiological, psychological and “secret”. Among the physiological in the first place is a metabolic disorder. The organism slowly “decomposes” the nutrients supplied with food in the digestive tract into smaller components. Therefore, not all of them turn into energy, but are deposited in the depot in the form of fat. Until the cause of metabolic disorders is eliminated, there will be no question of normalizing weight.

The second place among the physiological causes of obesity is the genetic factor. If you have full people in your family, you will surely be inclined to fullness. But this is not a 100% guarantee. Therefore, do not despair and rush to eat cakes, writing off everything on the action of genes.

The third reason from the physiological group is illness. If your diets and exercise do not work, you should contact the doctor for some research. Excess weight can arise due to diabetes and hypothyroidism, but not necessarily because of them. Obesity itself can provoke a number of pathologies, including diseases of the cardiovascular system, muscles and bones.

Breaking the hormonal balance in the body also often causes excess weight. The reason for all the female hormones. After all, they regulate the functions of cells and glands. Many are accustomed to write off their excess weight on hormonal disorders. But it is worth checking hormones, if you are suggesting such a reason, rather than putting forward unreasonable theories for your own justification.

Another physiological reason for gaining excess weight is pregnancy. When a woman begins to bear a child, her hormones change, because the body now focuses on the accumulation and construction of a new organism. It often happens that this type of metabolism remains, even when the woman has already given birth. But from obesity after childbirth there are all chances to get rid of, changing the way of life.

Psychological causes of excess weight

The most common psychological reason for recruiting extra pounds is an attempt to “seize” problems and stresses. Women start eating to enjoy, compensating for this anger and frustration. Nutritionists categorically forbid eating when we are in a depressed state or stress, otherwise it will become a habit, which does not contribute to harmony and health in general.

The second reason for excess weight, which we have “in my head”, is marriage. Some psychologists say that the phenomenon of weight gain after the wedding is due to the fact that the woman achieved her goal (she found a partner), and she no longer needs to maintain an attractive appearance.

The third psychological reason for excess weight is a negative attitude toward oneself, discontent with one’s life. Overeat often those people who believe that they do not play an important role in this life, that they can not control the events of their lives, that they are not appreciated by others, etc. Statistics say that 80 out of 100 people who sat on diets to lose weight, for 2 years return the former weight, or begin to weigh even more. Therefore, we must take into account that the causes of obesity can be not only in hormones, but also in our heads. Therefore, together with the diet it is worth changing and thinking.

As long as psychological reasons remain unresolved, other methods (such as diets, exercise and detox-pro-faders) will have a short-term effect or not at all.

Example. A woman has low self-esteem, she believes that people around her do not care. It will try to increase its importance, which will affect the subconscious. And the amount of eaten will be increased, because the full person looks “more significant” than the bad. So the psychic sphere “solved the problem”.

Excess weight on the statistics observed part of those who have such traits as shyness, shyness and the lack of a clear life position. Excess weight also acts as a protective shell, which is designed to protect our personality. The fear of manifesting one’s feminine essence (which can result from upbringing) can also in some cases cause a set of extra kilograms.

What kind of psychological problems says the location of excess weight

Places of fat deposits can talk about specific psychological problems. If you are fuller in the waist and abdomen, it indicates the rejection of your female essence. Women of this type are afraid of being weak, do not feel the support of close people. If you have excess weight on your hips, legs and buttocks, you are prone to excessive care of loved ones. Such women tend to become ideal housewives or moms. But they do not understand that their behavior “closes the air” close to: the husband, children and even their own parents. After all, others want to take care of themselves and make decisions, and not depend entirely on someone, even close and loved.

Some psychologists say that excess weight is typical for people who do not like themselves sufficiently. But not all specialists can explain what love should be for itself. Because many people believe that loving yourself is to be selfish: buy yourself the most expensive things and relax at the elite resorts. But the love of one’s personality must be expressed in acceptance of oneself and in satisfying the true needs.

The Secret Causes of Excess Weight

The first reason is sleep. Its shortage causes a lack of energy. Therefore, the body tries to eat more to get energy directly from the eaten. Also, fatigue leads to a lack of a hormone responsible for appetite. Therefore, the burning of calories slows down, and the hunger becomes strong.

Stress is reflected in the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. Acidity in the stomach rises, because every half hour there is a desire to throw something into the mouth. Stress also affects the functioning of the thyroid gland, which processes excess calories for our body.

Stresses are reflected at the level of endorphins – hormones that make us happy. And food, especially simple carbohydrates (chocolate bars, chips, etc.), causes a rapid inflow into the blood of endorphins. But the joy after a meal lasts a short time, the guilt comes for a change for what we again overeat, and chosen for this harmful products.

Another hidden cause of excess weight – a habit. We get used to eating with the same people, the same dishes, in the same places. Try to retreat from the usual scheme: at work, go out to dinner in the cafe, and for dinner with your family, prepare something useful, and not the usual meat with gravy.

The next reason we usually write off is age. The metabolism with each year is becoming slower, which means that the calories that get into the digestive tract are no longer actively processed, but are stored in the form of fat. Therefore, portions need to be reduced, and also to watch what exactly you eat.

The quality of food is another factor that affects weight gain. We are accustomed to fast food products, because the modern life does not give us time for many hours harvesting complex dishes in the kitchen. The body does not eat half-finished foods and fast food. Whatever laudatory odes were written on the package, this food is less useful than what we made of simple ingredients. Semi-finished foods often contain 2 times more calories than in self-prepared food. Vegetables and fruits help the body remove excess cholesterol. If they are few in our diet, obesity will not keep you waiting.

The secret reason is also the size of portions. Surely everyone has heard that at one time you can eat so much food, how much is placed in the palms folded together. Excess eaten is deposited on our sides and hips, as well as on internal organs. Track how much food you eat at a time. You can use a kitchen scale to calculate the exact weight (and the number of calories).

The next reason for excess weight is chocolate. To increase the level of endorphins, enough 15-20 grams of dark chocolate (with a high content of cocoa). The most harmful product in this regard are chocolate bars from shops. They contain not only cocoa, but also nuts, caramels and a lot of other not very useful additives, which in total are pulled by 600 or more calories. Bars are small, because we do not even consider them in the amount eaten. But, having written down some days everything that you ate, you will find out the reason of adiposity. Another important point is better not to eat chocolate on an empty stomach.

The next secret reason for excess weight is eating food at the computer or in front of the TV. When you eat, your brain must be set up only for this process. Otherwise, you will not feel that you have satiated, and will eat too much. In addition, the inclusion of a computer or television in the future will cause a reflex production of saliva and gastric juice.

Another reason for extra pounds is the lack of breakfast. Its approximate calorie content should be approximately 400 kcal (depends on your diet, body weight and goals). Otherwise, you will be drawn to snacks throughout the day. Water is another factor that affects weight. This liquid is a solvent, without which, in principle, metabolism is impossible. To the body functioned normally and processed food, you need to drink 2 liters of water per day (drinking, mineral without gas, filtered, but juices and soda do not count).

How to lose weight

Start your day with a glass of clean water. If you can not master a whole glass, start with halves, gradually increasing the volume of the drink. You can put water from the evening near the bed to drink it, just waking up. All the processes in your body will then start. This is important for awakening.

Half an hour before a meal you need to drink a glass of clean water. It should not be tea and soda, but water. This “focus” will allow you to control the amount of food and will beat off a huge appetite, bringing it back to normal. In a day you need to drink 8 glasses of water, this truth is known to everyone. Only many people think that this is insignificant, and in the end they gain extra pounds. Drinks containing calories, you can not drink (this tea with sugar, coffee with cream and topping, carbonated drinks, etc.).

Excess weight can be relieved only without starving. Hunger is a stress that can provoke an organism to recruit even more. It turns out that many of what you allowed yourself to eat after many hours of hunger, will be postponed in the form of fat. It is necessary to have a snack 4-6 times a day with the right foods. This provides the right level of glucose in the blood. Fractional food helps “disperse” the metabolism, which accelerates the burning of calories.

For weight loss it is important that the body along with food received vitamins. We must receive them not only from pharmacy tablets. Prepare them in advance and fold them in a refrigerator in a transparent container to make them visually appealing and appetizing. Apples from darkening can protect the lemon juice (they need to sprinkle the sliced ​​fruit).

If you are drawn to the sweet, deceive the body: together rolls and cakes eat sweet fruits and vegetables, for example, corn cobs. Canned vegetables and fruits are best not to eat, because they often contain a large amount of sugar, as well as various preservatives and other substances that can be deposited in the liver. Fruits, vegetables and berries are best eaten raw, then they are better digested and are more nutritious.

As for eggs, it is better to eat no more than 1 pc per day. This product does not contribute to rapid weight loss. If you are very fond of eggs, eat only proteins and not more than 1 yolk per day, because it contains a lot of fat (respectively, and calories). Sweets and chocolate bars can not be eaten every day. Even bitter chocolate in large quantities is harmful to the figure.

You can lose weight by counting the daily caloric intake of the diet. For this, there are special programs, including for iPhones and android. They are always at hand, and you do not need to commit a lot of unnecessary actions to make the program just eaten food and dishes. Excess calories we can compensate for physical activity. But remember that sport is not an indulgence. You can not eat everything, and then try to run or swim for 3 hours.

In the diet, 50-55% should be carbohydrates. When you lose weight, in any case, do not exclude cereals from the diet, but it will be even more desirable for sweet (rolls, cakes and cookies). Carbohydrates are needed in order to provide us with energy. If you do not eat complex carbohydrates, physical activity decreases immediately, and mood worsens.

Proteins, if you want to lose weight, should be 25-30% of the diet. They are needed for adequate metabolism, the formation of new cells and tissues. 15-20% of the diet should be fats. Minimize animal fats, it is best to get them from fish, plants and nuts.

Consequences of obesity

Excess weight in children and adolescents leads to early hypertension and gallbladder pathologies (stones are formed). Children with obesity are prone to rashes on the skin, including eczema. Also the consequences of obesity in adolescents are constipation and inflammation of the respiratory tract. Boys with excess weight are recorded delayed sexual development. For girls, menstrual irregularities are typical.

Children have less obvious effects of obesity than adults, but laboratory indicators reveal metabolic disorders. In the body, more water is retained than necessary. Even children and adolescents can have diabetes. Defects of the motor system are typical for young obese patients. Excess weight can affect the appearance of the child, worsening his quality of life: hyperlordosis, hunched back, iksopodnye legs, flat feet, weak abdominal muscles.

The consequence of obesity in children is the deterioration of joint function. The swelling of the legs is characteristic (together with painful sensations). Therefore, children lose their activity, they are happy to sit at home, which aggravates a set of extra kilograms. If you do not treat obesity actively, orthopedic defects and abnormalities become worse with time, because the joints are significantly deformed. Fat people have bone softening.

The mental sphere of obese children also suffers. They are dependent on their relatives, they find it difficult to observe the regime of the day (necessary for losing weight). Basically it’s babies from single-parent families or not having brothers and sisters (when all the care of relatives is accentuated by them). Children with obesity do not want to attend physical education classes, they are trying to get release, some are afraid of low marks on this subject.

Parents who are overweight often do not pay attention to the child’s problem, and even consider his obesity to be something self-evident. Therefore, there is no question of treatment in such families. To a child, his fat weight also can not interfere, often children pay attention to him only at puberty. The teenager begins to develop an inferiority complex, it is difficult for them to feel comfortable in the company, it is difficult to communicate with people of the opposite sex. Children with obesity do not like dancing and sports team competitions.

Humility with fullness often occurs after getting to know the second half. A guy with obesity can get to work in the company to older men who have a pussy. And then the person no longer wants to fight for a normal appearance and health. In such situations, obesity does not affect the psychological sphere, but it has serious physical consequences.

Severe forms of obesity lead to limited ability to work. A person can no longer engage in absolutely everything he wants. Complications forced to lead a quiet sedentary lifestyle. In boys and girls with excess weight, the higher incidence (cold, pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, etc.) than in people of similar age, having weight within the norm.

How to lose weight: bodyflex

Bodyflex is a complex of simple procedures, based on the holding of breath, as well as breathing the diaphragm in combination with simple exercises. It will be enough 15 minutes a day to bring your body to tone and promote the acceleration of metabolism.

When a person breathes a diaphragm (and not a stomach), the cells get better oxygen, and therefore fats are better burned. It is believed that thanks to this type of breathing, the slag that clogs our bodies is also better. Exercises of the bodyflex system are reflected in the condition of the muscle and skin. As during other physical activities, a hormone of joy is produced, because we feel more comfortable for a while.

Bodyflex exercises are done before meals. Regularity is important. If you do the exercises 2 times a week, there will not be any sense. Thanks to this system of exercises, the muscles of the stomach contract, so you can eat less than before the start of exercise bodifleksom. This system is suitable for children, adults, and even older people. You can not engage in bodyfoot by the fact that he underwent surgery, as well as pregnant (even in the first month).

This system for weight loss is suitable for everyone. You do not need a special coach, you can study at home on video. Aerobic respiration during bodyflex massage the internal organs, so fat deposits are easier to take off from them. The system of exercises is suitable for those who have recently given birth. Bodyflex increases the tone of the abdominal muscles, helping to tighten them. This system can be practiced without music, so you have 20 minutes a day, which you can devote to physical activity while the baby sleeps.

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